środa, 8 maja 2013

Mother of Cats

As I mentioned few times before, I love cats. I don’t pet any cat of my own ( right now I’m traveling a lot and any pet would be a little hard to handle in this situation). But…

I love draw cats! Cute Cat always has been one of my favourite topics to draw.  As You probably noticed in my store I have plenty of cute kitten products to offer, and believe me I have more drawings, paintings  an sketches hidden in my drawer:)

My latest cat illustration presents Cat Lady, who is also a gardener in garden of…cats. Watering pots with growing kittens is her job, which she obviously loves it. I always had this crazy idea of cat-plants, but I managed to paint this recently. Lot of other work, I must say.

As always in Madame Colonelle Store – my illustrations are available on many products. You can purchase posters, mouse pads, mugs, post cars and many more. Check full offer here, and few samples below.

Cats in The Attic Posters
Cats in The Attic Posters by colonelle
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Cats in The Attic Note Books
Cats in The Attic Note Books by colonelle
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piątek, 12 kwietnia 2013

Little Cute Cow

Meet my cute little cow - one of my best selling designs in Madame Colonelle Monsters Team Store. It is quite old picture but I'm really proud of it and I'm really happy it's a part of my Zazzle offer. To be perfectly clear, this cow is from my pre-Zazzle Era. I used this illustration when I was making DIY jewellery. Back in a days it ws selling fine and now still it's very popular in my Zazzle store.

Just look into those cute, perfectly honest eyes. You can't simply resist to have one of these adorable animal. And that was my point -  to make it so cute that everyone will want it. Cow owners, kawaii lovers, kids, adults, literally everyone. I hope I did my best, and I hope every customer will like this black and white creature.

It is ( as always) available on many Zazzle products. Keychains, t-shirts, mobile phone covers, bags, mugs, post cards and many more. All offer is to see here. And below, as usuals some sample products...

Cute Baby Cow Tote Bag
Cute Baby Cow Tote Bag by colonelle
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Cute Baby Cow Postcard
Cute Baby Cow Postcard by colonelle
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Cute Baby Cow Round Wall Clocks
Cute Baby Cow Round Wall Clocks by colonelle
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środa, 27 marca 2013

Spooky Mermaid

This is one of my newest illustrations. Spooky little mermaid with amazing and really hypnotizing big round eyes. Little skulls in her red hair, and her pet - little purple octopus. Isn't she lovely?

I know, I know... this design is most likely for Halloween season, but hey...I like her, I really do, and I believe somewhere there are few people who will like this cute mermaid too, and they are willing to become customers of my Monsters Team Store, and maybe they purchase some item with this ocean beauty. Don't be afraid. Despite her look and impression she make, she is nice girl, friendly and charming. Like all mermaids. She is available on many products like: t-shirts, iPhone cases, pillows, towels, magnets, pin buttons and many more. Take a look here for more.
Spooky Mermaid with Octopus Hand Towel
Spooky Mermaid with Octopus Hand Towel by colonelle
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czwartek, 14 marca 2013

China Town

Recently I've visited two south-east Asian cities: Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I was really stunned by China Towns districts there and decorations before upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Especially China Town in Singapore were amazingly colourful and breath taking. And, what was most important for me, truly inspiring!

I saw amazing lanterns, I participate in fire work shows, I ate different types of food at night markets, I enjoyed Lion Dance from very, very close distance! I had amazing time there. In Singapore and KL as well.

This splendid time I had, inspired me to do this colourful illustration - Chinese Zodiac Animals in China Town. I decided to gather all together, traditional Chinese animals - Zodiac Signs -  rat, buffalo, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. I added two panda bears and one Maneki Neko cat - the bringer of wealth and good fortune. They feast on night market in decorated Chinese district. I really enjoy this illo, and I hope You like it too:)

I put this to my updated portfolio - monikasuska.pl and to one of my Zazzle Stores with hope my customers like this illustration, and they'll buy some products with Chinese Animals on it. I think poster, or mug, or mousepad! This might be something!

Take a look at some sample products below and all You can find here.

Animals in China Town Kitchen Towels
Animals in China Town Kitchen Towels by colonelle
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Animals in China Town Mug
Animals in China Town Mug by colonelle
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poniedziałek, 4 marca 2013

Oh, Lucky Pig!

Ok. Welcome back. Today I have another cute animal illustration form Madame Colonelle Zazzle Store. I don't know if anyone is aware - pig in some cultures are treated as lucky animals, good fortune charms. Especially Chinese pig lucky charm is most known symbol of good luck.

Pig is one of twelve animals of Chinese Zodiac, and considered as a good fortune and prosperity symbol. Pig supposed to bring wealth to the family. There is old Chinese custom - little boys wear pig shaped hats and shoes to avoid misfortune, and confuse evil spirits, which will believe that the boys are actually true pig.

Pigs also symbols of fortune in many European countries.

My lucky piggy is cute little animal with big round head, long ears and adorable eyes and nose. He holds four-leaf clover, another lucky charm. So, you can say I made this cutee, double lucky! This pig will bring twice the luck!

We have many products in lucky pig section of the store. You can choose your lucky charm from keychains, buttons, mobile phone covers, necklaces, and many more. Here is small peak.

środa, 20 lutego 2013

Our first Giveaway!

It’s time for our first giveaway! Do You want some fancy t-shirt or awesome mousepad from absolutely FREE? All You must do is to LIKE our Facebook page   http://www.facebook.com/MadameColonelleZazzle and SHARE this illustration on your wall . One of those who will do it before the end of this week (midnight ECT 24.02.2013), we will draw lucky winner for 25$ gift certificate for products from our Zazzle Stores.
Sounds simple, isn’t? It is simple! Go for it!

niedziela, 17 lutego 2013

Ice Age is coming! ...but mammoths are prepared

I paint this ‘Mammoth Family” for some children’s illustrations exhibition. And my habit is that every illustration I made and I’m proud of I put to my Zazzle Store. And this Mammoth picture is one of my favourite illustrations.

The idea for this picture is Mamma Mammoth is doing sweaters for mammoth children, because Ice Age is coming, and of course it is better for everyone to have some warm clothes, even though mammoths have thick fur. It’s never enough of warm fur, when Ice Age is coming. Mammoth kids are playing and outside couples of Neanderthals are throwing snow balls. I wanted to show on this illustration peace and relax of mammoths – like Ice Age is nothing to worry about.

What I love about Zazzle the most, that it gives me opportunity to transfer all my illustrations on many products. Poster, greeting card, t-shirt? No problem. I make some simple project, add description and I have something for example like, Mammoth Family Poster. I can order it for myself or put it to Madame Colonelle Designs Zazzle Store, that everybody could see it, and have possibility to buy it.

I have many Mammoths preparing for Cold Season products here, but I chose few to make some little presentation below in this post.

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